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aInfrastructural Development
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Model Road :-

·           A road linking to Airport and Vadodara City (V.I.P. Road) is developed as Model road. VUDA has contributed Rs.158/- lakhs to V.M.C. Model road was completed in year 2000.

Approach to canal on Karelibag - Sama - Savli Linking Road :-

·           VMC & VUDA each had contributed Rs.18.5 lakhs for construction of approach road to canal bridge on Karelibaug - Sama - Savli road towards karelibag, located behind E.M.E. school on river Vishwamitri.

Approach Road / Internal Roads :-

· VUDA villages are not linked with nearest main road by pakka road.  Therefore since 1997 different 65 approach roads / internal roads of villages of VUDA area were constructed at the cost of Rs.275/- lakhs.

· To link residential area with industrial area Gorwa – Karodia -  Bajwa road was widen and strengthen at the cost of Rs.23 lakhs. 1

· Ravi park to Tarsali village and Tarsali to Vadadla road was completed at a cost of Rs.33 lakhs in year 1998.

·           During 2005 & 2006, construction of three carpet (Ankhol, Ankodia-Laxmipura, Sama Khodiyarnagar) and three RCC road (Chapad-Gaukhana, Ratanpur, Jesangpur) works were completed at the cost of Rs.61.44 lakhs.

·           During 2008 construction of approach road to canal on Gorwa - Karodia road towards Karodia side was completed at the cost of Rs.19.06 lakhs.

·           During 2008-09, construction of One carpet (Gorwa-Petrophils) and five RCC road (Sevasi, Undera, Vasnakotaria, Atladara, Chaturpark) works were completed at the cost of Rs.74/- lakhs.  

Town planning scheme roads :-

·           Under I. D. S. M. T. scheme in Padra, roads of Town Planning Scheme No. 1 & 2 costing Rs.2.37 crore were constructed.

·           To provide approach to societies in Sama, Town Planning Scheme No. 2, T.P. Roads were developed costing Rs.33.00 lakhs were developed.

·           During 2009, Vuda board has decided to start the implementation of the final approved TP schemes and in this connection, in the first stage, it has been decided to construct roads of Vemali TP scheme no. 1 at an estimated cost of Rs.1.82 crore. The work is in progress and likely to complete at the end of May 2010.

 ·           In the second stage Vuda has planned to construct TP roads in the Bil TP scheme – 1, at an estimated cost Rs.2.37 crore. The On-line tenders for the said work are invited and are under process.

·           In the third stage Vuda is going to construct TP roads of the Sevasi TP scheme no. 1, Bhayali TP Schem No. 1 and Khanpur – Ankodia TP scheme – 2.

Water Supply, drainage & Storm water disposal

·         To provide drinking water in VUDA area work is assign to Gujarat Water Infrastructure Co. Limited to carry out this project through state Government.

·         In urbanisable villages of VUDA area, underground drainage project is under taken.  This project work is assign to A.I.C. Watson Co. in coordination and under supervision of V.M.C. A.I.C. Watson had carried out the survey and basic survey data of the said report considered in National Urban Reform Mission (NURM) project.

Other Activities

 ·         Under Nirogi Year / Nirmal Gujarat Vuda has distributed Four Hath lori each to the 24 Grampanchayats at a cost of Rs.5/- lakhs during the year 2008-09 through DRDA, Vadodara to dispose the waste material of the village.

·        Also During 2009-10, Vuda has distributed Four Hath lori each to the 24 Grampanchayats at a cost of Rs.5/- lakhs through DRDA, Vadodara to dispose the waste material of the village.

·      Under Saheri Vikas year, Vuda has constructed Pay and use toilet at Sankarda, Bajwa, Chapad, Sevasi and Fajalpur at a cost of Rs.25/- lakhs.

·       As per the planning and design given by the collector, Vadodara, Vuda has constructed Pashu Chhatralaya for 100 Pashu which consist of two units each having four shades was constructed at a cost of Rs.43.76 lakhs, During 2009-10.