aEnvironmental Development 

Environment & Water conservation

Social Forestry :-

  • Since 1999, VUDA has under taken tree plantation in residential societies, schools, panchayat offices, Govt. and Public offices, under scheme of social forestry through the help of school students in VUDA area. Under this schemes every year tree guards and tree saplings worth 3 lakhs has been distributed free of cost. Under this scheme 8000 trees are planted.

  • Under Government ‘Gramin Rojgar Yojna’, 5-Gram Panchayats has planned Vanikaran for self depending and  VUDA has given a grant to Rs.1/- lakhs to each of them for the construction of wire fencing around it, during 2005 to 2007

  • During monsoon period 2008 Vuda has distributed 1160 tree guard at a cost of Rs.6.57 lakhs free of cost to the Schools, College, Panchayat offices, etc. of Vuda / VMSS area.
  • Under golden goals of Vuda – 2010, Vuda has planned 10000 tree plantation during 2009 and 2010. In this connection during 2009, Vuda has distributed 1500 tree guards at a cost of Rs.8.5 lakhs & In seven villages Vuda has done wire fencing work to the vanikaran plots at a cost of Rs.7/- lakhs.

Deepening of village pond (Remodeling & recharging of pond)

  • To store rain water during monsoon in ponds for use, a scheme to deepen village pond is under taken.  The work of Sama village pond is under taken at the cost of Rs.5 lakhs.  Due to this water conservation method, under ground water level will rise and potable water will be arranged for cattle’s (livestock). The scheme is completed in year 2000

Rainwater Harvesting System :

  • The rain water falling in terrace can be collected in collection chamber. Through filtered unit it can be drain in to recharge well, which can increase the quantity of underground water. This system of under ground collection of rain water is implemented in Dindayalnagar, E.W.S. housing scheme as pilot project at the cost of 6 lakhs.

  • Due to this project underground water level will be charged up to 4 ft. to 10 ft. high in the radius of 3 kms of recharge well.  Thus the underground water will increase.

  • This project is completed in year 2000.

  • For wide spread use of this system in public, the G.D.C.R. is also corrected. Therefore other than Government Agency and public can also adopt and thus water problem can be solved.

Solid Waste disposal System :-

  • For solid waste disposal, solid waste collection bins worth Rs.10 lakhs were provided to gram panchayat offices  and school during 1998 to 2000.